The Walter Mangold Trust Fund

Promoting International Peace and Understanding through the study of foreign languages

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The Walter Mangold Trust Fund provides three types of grants:

Study Abroad Scholarships

Study Abroad Scholarships are offered to full-time tertiary students (resident in Victoria) who travel abroad to study a designated language at an approved overseas university for a period of between three months (minimum duration) and one year.

The currently designated languages are Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese and Spanish. In addition to their main language discipline, students may also enrol in related cultural and interdisciplinary studies.

Scholarships for overseas language study during 2014 have been allocated.

2015 Study Abroad Scholarships, for overseas enrolments commencing in Semester 1, 2015 open in June 2014. The 2015 Guidelines and 2015 Application Form are available on this website.

Study In Australia Scholarships

These are grants for Timor-Leste students to come to Victoria for intensive English language studies. These scholarships are allocated in conjunction with selected sponsor organisations who identify potential candidates in Timor-Leste and support the recipients during their stay in Australia.

Please note that these scholarships are offered 'by invitation only' and therefore, are not advertised publically.

Visiting Fellowship

Each year a distinguished overseas Visiting Fellow is appointed to The University of Melbourne for a period of time to further the objects of The Walter Mangold Trust.