The Walter Mangold Trust Fund

Promoting International Peace and Understanding through the study of foreign languages

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The Walter Mangold Trust Fund is a Charitable Fund which originates from arrangements made under the Wills of the late Anne Marie and Erwin Herzenberg.

The current Trustee is The CASS Foundation Limited.

The Fund commemorates the beliefs and achievements of Walter Mangold, the father of Anne Marie Herzenberg. Walter Mangold devoted a good proportion of his life and energies to the teaching of languages and came to the conclusion that better understanding between peoples of the world and consequently, lessening of conflict, could be achieved by improving linguistic communication between them. The objects of the Fund, though relating to a number of specific issues and outcomes, reflect those underlying principles and beliefs.

Anne Marie and Erwin Herzenberg set aside the substantial part of their assets to establish the Fund. The foresight and benefaction of the Herzenberg family will enable the fund to make a worthwhile contribution to the study of languages in Australia and more widely, and contribute to the development of international understanding between peoples by virtue of the study and dissemination of their languages.

In 2013, the Walter Mangold Trust Fund will provide:

  • a round of Study in Australia scholarships for sponsored overseas students particularly from Timor-Leste to undertake advanced study in Australia;
  • two advertised grant rounds for 2013 Semester 1 & 2 Study Abroad Scholarships for Australian undergraduate students of language;
  • support for a distinguished Visiting Scholar at The University of Melbourne.

In 2012, the Walter Mangold Trust Fund:

  • provided scholarships for eight students from Timor-Leste to visit Australia and participate in the Study in Australia program;
  • provided scholarships for Australian undergraduate students to study designated languages on exchange at overseas universities;
  • funded projects at the Australian Institute for International Affairs (Victoria) [AIIA Vic];
  • supported a distinguished Visiting Scholar at The University of Melbourne.

The Walter Mangold Trust Fund ABN 22 062 509 346

Tel: +613 8650 5900