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Guidelines for 2020 Study in Australia

The 2020 Walter Mangold Study in Australia Scholarships for Timor-Leste citizens

The Mangold Study in Australia 2020 applications will open on Monday 3 February 2020 and will close on Friday 21 February 2020. Applications are completed online.

Note that future Guidelines may be changed.

Guidelines 2020

The scholarship awardees from Timor-Leste will travel to Melbourne in July 2020 and enrol in a study program consisting of one (1) week of General English, followed by twenty (20) weeks of intensive English for Academic Purposes.

To be considered for a scholarship, applicants in Timor-Leste need to have a reasonable level of English proficiency already, as this is a difficult course, taught entirely in English.

1. Who is eligible to apply

Applications will only be accepted from residents of Timor-Leste who are:

  1. workers in paid employment with a:
    • company or commercial business;
    • government organisation;
    • Non-Government Organisation (NGO); or a
    • community organisation, and
  2. who have been awarded a degree or diploma from a university or technical college.

This means that to be eligible to apply you must be a resident of Timor-Leste, with a university or college degree or diploma, and be working in a paid job.

Applications will not be accepted from Timorese citizens who applied for a Study in Australia scholarship in 2019. This means that if you applied for this scholarship in 2019, you will not be able to re-apply in 2020.

Applicants will need to obtain a Reference from their employer to upload with their online Application Form.

2. When to apply

2020 online applications will open on Monday 3 February 2020 and will close on Friday 21 February 2020.

Late applications will not be accepted!

Further information for candidates

3. What costs does the scholarship cover?

The 2020 Mangold Study in Australia scholarship will cover the costs of:

  • the application and related costs to obtain a student Visa for Australia (but NOT the cost of your Passport);
  • the course tuition fees;
  • one return economy air travel fare between Dili and Melbourne;
  • basic homestay accommodation at the direction of the Mangold Trust;
  • equipment/books and essentials allowance;
  • reasonable living allowance, paid by instalments.

4. The 2020 selection process timetable

NOW Organise a REFERENCE from your employer*
3 February 2020 Online Applications OPENED.
21 February 2020 Online Applications CLOSED
March 2020 Results emailed to Applicants, either "shortlisted for interview" or "unsuccessful"
Early April 2020 Shortlisted Applicants interviewed in Dili, with an English proficiency test
Late April 2019 Shortlisted Applicants informed of the results

The Mangold Trust considers all the applications received from eligible Timor-Leste residents by the closing date and selects a shortlist of applicants for testing and interviews which are conducted in Dili.

In March 2020, applicants will be emailed the result of their applications. If your application has been shortlisted you will be given details of the English proficiency test and the appointment time to attend an interview in Dili in early April.

In early April 2020, applicants on the shortlist will be tested for English proficiency and interviewed in Dili. All shortlisted applicants will be notified of the results in late-April 2020.

5. What happens next, if your application is successful?

If your application is successful, you will be offered a Study in Australia scholarship and you will be required to sign a Scholarship Agreement.

The Mangold Trust has made an arrangement with a school, Embassy English in Melbourne, for scholarship recipients to study English for Academic Purposes in a supportive and effective study environment.

If you are offered a scholarship you will be assisted to apply for a place at Embassy English (‘the School’). When you receive a Certificate of Enrolment from the School, you must then apply for a student Visa for Australia and you may need to attend a medical examination. The Mangold Trust will cover the cost of the student Visa application (but not a Passport, if you need one.)

Your English course will start in Melbourne in July 2020.

6. What are the conditions of the scholarship?

The conditions of the scholarship are that you:

  1. obtain a student Visa;
  2. must live in a homestay in Melbourne arranged by the School, or arranged with an organisation approved by the Mangold Trust. This will provide a secure residence where meals are provided and you are encouraged to practise speaking English. The Mangold Trust will only pay homestay expenses either to the School or to an approved organisation;
  3. make satisfactory progress in your studies. The School will provide the Mangold Trust with reports on your progress.

7. Cancellation of the scholarship

The Mangold Trust reserves the right to withdraw or terminate the scholarship at any time if you:

  1. engage in serious misconduct which in the opinion of the Mangold Trust is inconsistent with the aims of the Mangold Trust or in any other way brings the Mangold Trust into disrepute; or
  2. fail to make satisfactory progress in your studies; or
  3. do not comply with your student Visa conditions.

If the Mangold Trust terminates the scholarship, or you return to Timor-Leste without the prior written approval of the Mangold Trust, any moneys paid in advance to you will have to be refunded to the Mangold Trust.

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